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kay so I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front for the last few weeks. To let you guys know what I've been up to and to get the ball rolling again I've got a couple of samples of some remixes that I've been doing.

The 1st track that I've finished is a remix of a track called "Head on High" by Melbourne producer, Ehsan Gelsi. I just fell in love with the vocal hook on this one and just had to do a remix. It reminds me of Imogen Heap's work the way that the vocals are layered, almost using the vocal sounds as an instrument on their own.

Track number 2 is a remix for the Billy Hyde / Christopher Lawrence remix competition. Now, I don't generally listen to trance but I thought I could add my own twist to this track. It had quality stems with an interesting vocal line and enough quirky bits and pieces to play around with. They even threw in the kick sample! Now that's dedication. My take has pulled down the speed to my happy BPM of 128 and I've thrown it into the progressive / tech / big room house realm. I did a lot of experimenting with splitting up the frequencies of the bass line in Ableton and might just do a little tut in the next few weeks explaining what I've done. Stay tuned!

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UPDATE!!! - I found out in March that I was the winner to the Christopher Lawrence Remix comp. I am super mega stoked and can't wait for my remix to be released on Audacious Records. Fantastic!

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