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Latest Live mix featured on Audio Interspace Podcast

This one will be short and sweet.

There are some pretty cool people over at Audio Interspace Podcast that are consistently putting out some fantastic DJ mixes. Each week they feature a new DJ with a new mix to keep the fans satisfied. Audio Interspace Podcast heard that last live mix that I did and wanted one of their own! So, I've put together an exclusive mix just for them (and you guys).

1. Tim Deluxe - Freedom (Dub Mix) Juno Download DjTunes Beatport
2. Pretension - Tuning In
3. Benny Electric vs. The Greenmatics - I Love Technology (Pretension Remix)
Juno Download Amazon
4. Goldtraxx - Sun, Sand, Sex and Sea (Pretension Remix) : Funkerman - Automatic (Acapella)
5. Racim & Niko Spencer - Far Away (Pretension Remix)
6. Ehsan Gelsi - Head On High (Pretension Remix) : Moby - Bodyrock (Acapella) : Funkerman - Automatic (Acapella)
7. Rivastarr - I Was Drunk (Pretension Bootleg)
8. Pretension - Willing To Settle ft. Suzie
9. Segue - Coming Around (Pretension Remix)
10. Christopher Lawrence - We Lie To Ourselves (Pretension Remix)
11. Steve Angello - Tivoli (Pretension Bootleg) : PNAU - Embrace (Acapella)
12. Winston & Yoddy - Deeper (Pretension Remix)
Juno Download DjTunes Amazon Beatport

[55 mins]


Get on board, support the podcast and the great mixes they put out, and grab a copy of my latest mix!

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