Pretension is a Brisbane based electronic producer who is determined to make his mark on the Australian dance music scene. This blog explores how he uses various production techniques in his past and present releases. Check them out!

To Blog or not to Blog.

Okay so I write this little blog to let you guys know what I have been up to. However, I also read other people's blogs and useful websites.

Here is my little list of useful Blogs and blog type sites!

New Music Strategies

Author: Andrew Dubber
Content: Advice and information for independent artists and online music businesses. This blog covers many issues encountered by artists in the online music environment and attempts to explore new marketing strategies and services. Make sure you check out Andrew’s fantastic ebook, The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online.
New Content: Weekly

Music Think Tank

Author: Various
Content: This blog covers various topics such as music production, theory, marketing, touring, etc. It is written by a regular group of authors who have a background in the music industry. There is also an open forum where anyone can post an article.
New Content: Weekly

The Music Software Training Blog

Author: Jason
Content: This blog covers topics such as audio engineering, mixing, mastering, creativity, productivity, promotion etc. It’s focus is on Ableton Live and has a heap of video tutorials.
New Content: Fortnightly

Pro Juice
Authors: Arlo Enemark et al
Content: Video tutorial on various DIY studio, live and recording techniques. Also covers film production and multimedia.
New Content: Fortnightly

Kim Lajoie's Blog
Author: Kim Lajoie
Content: This blog covers many production techniques and useful studio tips from using compressors, creativity and composition to setting up a recording session
New Content: Almost Daily

Create Digital Music

Author: Various
Content: News, tips, reviews, features, DIY music making, emerging trends, advanced software and experimental interfaces.
New Content: Daily


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