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Take My Hand - Work in Progress

To be a bit different, I thought I would post up a track that I am currently working on (not one that is already finished and released). It's a fairly uplifting progressive track and at this stage, it is just an instrumental.

<a href="">Take My Hand (Instrumental) by Pretension</a>

I've written most of the lyrics for it and once I throw this cold, I'll be doing some vocal recording.

So in the meantime, I'd love some feedback. Does any part of the mix sound out of place? Do you think I should add more parts? Do you reckon I should simply cut a section out? Throw any feedback my way; positive or negative. I can take it!

A snapshot of the lyrics

Take my hand but don't take it too seriously,
Understand I've got what you need.
Don't pretend you've been here previously
De Ja Vu, I know what you mean.

It's about two strangers that meet at a festival and spend the day together. They've only just met but they've never been so close...


Pretension said...

Okay so this tune has taken a beating. The basshas been revamped and it's been injected with a life that Dr. Frankenstein himself would even be proud of. Stay tuned!

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