Pretension is a Brisbane based electronic producer who is determined to make his mark on the Australian dance music scene. This blog explores how he uses various production techniques in his past and present releases. Check them out!

Pretentious Lessons Begin!

Okay guys, I am about to start writing a set of production lessons that outline a few techniques that I use when writing and producing tunes. I'll try to keep them relevant to my style and give examples of where I have used them in actual songs.

So, I use Ableton Live 7 with a few different plugins but most of the lessons will use the stock effects that are provided with Live. Not using Live? Don't worry. You should be able to transfer the techniques over to your own special DAW.


I am by no means saying "my style is the best" or "my technique is the best". I am just sharing a few ideas that help me make better sounding tunes, faster. Have you got an opinion or further ideas? Feel free to leave a comment. 

Also, a big thanks must go to Natalie at Utopian Vision Photography for the stunning photos!


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