Pretension is a Brisbane based electronic producer who is determined to make his mark on the Australian dance music scene. This blog explores how he uses various production techniques in his past and present releases. Check them out!


Okay, this is where you will find my releases. I've even managed to pull together these helpful little icons to help you track down where to buy each track.

Benny Electric “Heat Up” [Silver Sneaker Records]

Coming soon...

Racim & Niko Spencer “Far Away” [DJ Center Records]

Winston & Yoddy “Deeper ft. Caroline” [Kitschy Records]

Winston & Yoddy vs. Pretension “What You Do ft. Kyla Sexton” [Silver Sneaker Records]

Benny Electric & The Greenmatics “I Love Technology” [Silver Sneaker Records]

Winston & Yoddy ft. Andew Worboys “Beautiful People” [Vinyl Pusher Records]


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